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List of accepted parameters for h5.setting

Last modified by kashi on 2015/02/02, 10:24
h5.settings.logDefines settings for log output
h5.settings.aspects Defines settings for controller and logic aspects
h5.settings.commonFailHandlerDefines functions for the event handler that will be called in the following situations:
- When the Deferred object created using h5.async.deferred() is rejected (in cases where there is no function defined for the .fail() callback of the Deferred object ‘s Promise object)
   Note: h5.async.deferred() is referred to by this.deferred() within the controller or logic.
- When an error occurs in a function that has the h5.core.interceptor.errorInterceptor applied to it.
   The function set as the commonFailHandler is passed the following arguments:
- The argument that is passed to Deferred.reject() / .rejectWith() when it is called as the fail callback of the Promise object
- The error object when it is called from the errorInterceptor


For further information on h5.settings please consult the API documentation.

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