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  ver.1.2.3 (2016/6/29)

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  Apache License, Version 2.0

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What is hifive?

Development Platform with the Next Generation Web Standard

"HTML5" has features and expressiveness to create applications with good usability and good responsiveness. In order to obtain full benefits of HTML5, know-how, tools and guides are essential for master in addition to libraries.

Therefore hifive, as one platform, provides a JavaScript framework, design and implementation tools, tutorials and various guides. Let's hifive !

Make it possible to develop a high quality and large scale JavaScript application

With keeping convenience in JavaScript, hifive provides a framework to enable high quality and large scale JavaScript application development.

hifive defines a hierarchal MVC structure to divide codes in the logic layer from ones in the view layer, and also define namespaces. They leads to divide page componsents into types such as page specific ones and common ones.

Support development in a Multi-Device Age

hifive supports development of application of a smartphone, a tablet and a PC, anticipating an multi-device age.

We provide "samples to improve operability on a smartphone application" and "common patterns to develop smartphone applications" in reusable forms.

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