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Tutorial(Pitalium: hifive regression test library)

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01.About Pitalium

You learn Pitalium(hifive regression test library) in this tutorial.

Pitalium allows you to run tests in different browsers in parallel, to capture screenshots and compare them with expected images. Pitalium's test codes are based on Selenium and JUnit.

Also you can capture some DOM element's screenshots or remove those from testing targets.

This tutorial show how to write a code and how to run a test.

Next Step ⇒ 02. Environment Setup

About Selenium

Selenium is an open source software, which enables you to test a web application in a web browser. You manipulate browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and so on by program codes of Java, C# or JavaScript etc. using WebDriver's API.
We omit the detail of Selenium.


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